The Cooking

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The majority of the products that we use, in our cooking, come from labelled andbio-certified suppliers. This is one of the main reasons why we work with small suppliers, believing them to be closer to their land, and so to their produce.

Nature and the seasons

We offer a personal menu which combines our experiences and our techniques: the fruits of many years of reflection and work, of incredible discoveries and thousands of miles travelled in our culinary voyages.

Vegetarians and vegans are very welcome in our restaurant, with a gastronomic choice always available. We offer an interesting vegetarian menu, which honours nature and each season.

Michelin 2019.
" A cuisine of great finesse. Worth the step! First quality products, an obvious finesse of execution, marked flavors, a consistency in the realization of dishes."

A Philosophy...

To eat healthily, using only natural foods, is expected in today’s world and it is our aim to share this with everyone. Exceptional products are used in all their simplest form, the most relevant techniques blend to give an elegance to everything we serve. Here at Le Moulin de Lere we offer sincerity with nothing artificial added.

Simple, natural yet contemporary cooking, this personal interplay, assumes an individuality, that with great pride, we would like to share with you.

Our producers

We have a profound respect for courageous and passionate producers; these men and women, the fruits of whom’ s work tells us a story that we strive to reflect in our cooking. We are speaking of small scale producers; sailors, farmers, fishermen, artisans and the people responsible for our produce who all live close with their lands, lakes, forests and scrupulously respect the rhythm of the seasons, and the capriciousness of the weather…we can’t thank you enough!